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Title: For the life of me I cannot get Microbrute to sync with Logic.
Post by: sockbite on June 21, 2022, 05:14:42 am
Logic Version 10.7.2

My computer recognizes microbrute; in the midi section of the sync settings there are two destinations: "Microbrute" and "Microbrute Midi Interface" what are the differences between these two?
I have tried so far: every combination of SMPTE vs. MMC vs. PDC vs. MTC vs. Clock and I dont really know what any of it means.

I found one youtube tutorial, setting just Clock on with destination "Microbrute," but the problem is when I do that the sequencer just stops working, and I have to reboot the microbrute and change back the settings to get it back working again- the red rate light turns off and I can record a sequence but not play it.

Im just looking for anything anyone can tell me

Thank you