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Title: What should MIDI Sync settings be to send timecode to Reaper?
Post by: ZEIT1972 on June 18, 2022, 09:25:06 pm
Hello. I seem to be one of many trying to sync the Microfreak's sequencer to a DAW. I am using Reaper and am connected to my Presonus Studio 24C interface by MIDI in and out cables. No matter what MF settings I try, nothing seems to work. I believe my Reaper settings are correct. When attempting to record a sequence to Reaper, I get the message in Reaper, "Waiting for timecode." So what should the settings in the Microfreak be for the following so that I can send timecode to Reaper?

1. MIDI > Local: On or Off?
2. MIDI > ARP/Seq MIDI out: On or Off (seems like On would be the obvious choice, but...)
3. Sync > Source: Int, USB, MIDI, Clock, Auto