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Title: Modulation Matrix Mini V3
Post by: 0verrid3 on June 18, 2022, 03:50:59 am
I'm trying to figure out what all of the different parameters do. There are some like expression, and aftertouch, that I am not sure how they work. I did not find any detailed information about this topic in the user manual. Can anybody point me in the right direction where I can discover more about how these parameters function?
Title: Re: Modulation Matrix Mini V3
Post by: LBH on June 18, 2022, 06:55:20 pm

FYI: You have posted in a forum for modulation effects. Your question has nothing to do with that. Actually your questions is generel questions about MIDI.

Expression and Aftertouch are modulators. In Mini V3 matrix you see them under Source.
Both modulators can be used to control different Destinations as it's called in Mini V3 matrix.

Aftertouch is a speciel midi message.

I can add that Expression is any control sending on midi cc#11. In generel midi expression pedal is set to use midi CC#11, so that's why it's called Expression.

In a DAW you can set automation to control modulators like Aftertouch and Expression.