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Title: GUI bug with extreme interface latency
Post by: budge on May 26, 2022, 08:45:53 pm
Seemingly at random, envelope points switch from using the correct bmp file to just using a large colored square. When this happens, extreme latency is introduced in the interface, and it takes several seconds for a response from any parameter in the interface. Animations are also slowed/stuttered. So far, I've experienced this with DX7 and Synclavier, but it probably affects any synth with graphical envelopes. Uninstalled/reinstalled several times from both ASC and individual dmgs with no fix. Experienced on two separate systems running MacOS 10.14.6, using standalone, vst, and au versions of the synths. The bug occurs in all cases. Of course, it's super annoying and the synth becomes unusable. Attached screen shots show the bug occurring when switching an envelope from MSEG to DADSR in DX7. In this case, only OPs 1 and 6 were affected; again, seemingly at random.