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Title: Conclusion - SOLVED--Left Channel Cutout - Piano V2
Post by: rbashley on May 14, 2022, 06:42:43 pm
It appears I've got a successful workaround for the random and frequent cut out of my left audio channel with Piano V2 in standalone setup.  Yesterday on my KeyLab61 mkII I switched ANALOG LAB mode to DAW mode. (there are 3 mode options (ANALOG LAB; DAW; and USER).  I had been using the ANALOG LAB setting all along before that.  After the switch to DAW mode I went a whole couple of hours without a single left channel cutout.

Today, I've had the controller and Piano V2 open for almost 4 hours, playing with it on and off and again not a single instance of left channel cut out. 

I'm assuming that ANALOG LAB and Piano V2 are discrete and separate applications.  Could it be that in selecting ANALOG LAB mode I was inviting conflict or this sort of aspect of function not working?

Anyhoo, I've had a clean slate, incident free for a couple of days with this one simple switcheroo move.  That's great, I'll take it!