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Title: Play/Trigger Sequences from DAW Tracks and not simply START
Post by: on January 15, 2022, 09:10:57 pm
Did not see a Solution but hopefully someone can help me as this is driving me UP THE WALL!!!!
Just purchased a MicroFreak and have found one Glaring Flaw in how the Sequences are auto-started everytime you hit play on your DAW -

When syncing to DAW, the sequencer patch will start playing immediately when I press play in My DAW. However, I would like to trigger the sequence from MIDI notes only, as I only want to play the sequence during specific parts of my arrangement. There should be an Option to trigger sequences from DAW Tracks ???

Is there a setting I'm overlooking that can sync the MF to DAW that won't start the sequence automatically but only when playing a notes?