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Title: Memory leak in Mellotron
Post by: francoise on January 11, 2022, 03:19:19 pm
I noticed strange overload in AL standalone with Multis involving the Mellotron.
The bank is The Art of Dreaming, a bank with Multi presets.
When I use the K37 sequencer with a Multi involving the Mellotron, the AL meter on the lower right hand corner can go as high as 110% if used with another instrument (eg. Addictive Drums 2) resulting in clipping and distorsion.

The Windows memory meter only shows 24-26% memory load.
[In fact, the meter is a CPU monitor. The total memory load in Windows shows 2% CPU load. I have 7 Cores. Only 6th is working.]

Multis not involving the Mellotron do not cause this problem. Multis with EMU (with samples) does not cause the issue.

I filed a ticket but I was wondering if anyone noticed a similar problem.

It is quite difficult tho pinpoint the problem but it's not a hardware problem.
Rebuilding in Mellotron one of the three offending presets in The Art of Dreaming (it's a Multi in AL).
I get the same result: distorsion after playing long full chords [eight notes chords] with Mellotron meter hitting 100%. With Mellotron alone.
It's either the presets, the samples or a memory leak in Mellotron.
It's not a major problem but it may point to some weakness or limitation.