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Title: Microfreak MIDI issue with Beatstep pro
Post by: snegq on January 09, 2022, 12:18:57 pm
Hi. I have new Microfreak and there is an issue with MIDI. Everything working ok when I connect it directly from Beatstep Pro (MIDI OUT) to Microfreak (MIDI IN). But my normal setup is Beatstep Pro to MIDI splitter to other devices (Microkorg, TR-8, etc.). There Microfreak starts to act weird: Not playing some notes or playing different notes. Not single device I used before did this. Any ideas what should I try or how to connect Microfreak directly not using MIDI OUT (because I need it for other devices).

Examples (same sequence)

Beatstep Pro directly to Microfreak

Beatstep Pro to Microfreak via MIDI splitter

Thanks for help