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Title: [problem] No midi in with Microbrute
Post by: Maitresinh on January 04, 2022, 12:47:43 pm
I've bought a second hand microbrute. It works fine, except the sequencer.
So i started  to dig in, with the Central Midi connection software and the Microbrute utility. I could not detect the synth with any of the software.

I've check : no virtual midi input. Direct connection with a a brand new an functionnal midi-USB cable.
I've tried to reboot (pressing both sound down-up, with the 5  leds on) and do the same. Didn't work.
I've tried a manual update (opening the local file). Device not detected.

Any idea ?
Is it possible to have it fixed in case it were a hardware problem ?

(i'm living close to Arturia headquarter, actually).