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Title: Hammer Noise
Post by: grahamsh on November 30, 2021, 01:04:04 pm
Why is the hammer noise so high?

There is some variation between the presets but on most the hammer noise is in my opinion too high. I am absolutely not able to judge the realism of the levels. All I can say is that on recordings I have of piano concerts the hammer noise is rarely and barely noticeable.

On many Piano V2 presets the hammer noise can be clearly heard from the middle of the piano and as you move up the keyboard it becomes as loud as the tone from the start of the top third of the keyboard and from there on it starts to completely dominate. It sounds like a piano being played while workmen lay new floorboards.

Even if you turn the hammer noise to zero, it doesn't go away and it is still annoyingly loud to my untrained ear.

Realistic or not I would like an option to turn it even lower or off.