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Title: Sequence programmed in MCC plays notes on Note Off messages
Post by: Djed on October 14, 2021, 01:47:23 am
As the title says, when i program a sequence in midi control center my synth plays a note on note off messages. When i record a sequence it doesnt. But I still havent figured out how to record a sequence successfully in real time with no metronome - it always comes out completely random. So i record all my seqs in MCC.

Now when I'm plugged intop my CRAFTsynth 2 I get this happening. Only with this comntroller - no others have this behaivour. Its not the synths. I have tried with a Micromonsta too, and with a VST. Exactly the same. Its the Keystep at fault.

I can see the midi messages in the console, and one thing I noticed is that the Note Off message is not for the same note as the Note On message.
Code: [Select]
In:  9F  37  64  |  Ch 16 Note On  G2
 In:  8F  39  40  |  Ch 16 Note Off A2

Also, whats this? Whats F* refer to?
Code: [Select]
In:  F8  |  Ch 0
I'm on the latest version of MCC but no idea what firmware of the Keystep as it doesnt tell you that.