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Title: Mod wheel glide time - how to set it to zero?
Post by: razorbak on September 18, 2021, 07:16:30 pm
Hi! I want to use the mod wheel to jump up an octave. So I set "Mod Wheel" to modulate "VCO123 FM" at amount 1.0, which does the trick.

But there seems to be a pitch glide when I flip the mod wheel up, and a glide down when I release it. Glide up time is about 800ms, glide down time is about 1 second.

I've got the actual "glide" switched off, and the glide knob is at 0 also. It happens with any patch, in this example I've used "Warm Brass".

How can I control the speed of this? I want to set it to jump up instantly, but any speed control will be useful.

I have verified (by looking at Logic's Automation display, and using the "Pocket Midi" app) that the mod wheel is sending only 2 values - 64 (B0 01 40) when it's pushed up,  and zero (B0 01 00) when it's released. Other instruments (e.g., Moog's Model 15) react immediately with no glide.  I've attached screenshots of both the mod wheel and Logic's pitch analysis to show it's not the controller.
Title: Re: Mod wheel glide time - how to set it to zero?
Post by: LBH on September 18, 2021, 09:23:01 pm

It's true the modwheel has a lag. Perhaps to prevent stepping. That's actually good in many ways.
You can't control the lag as it is.
You can talk to Arturia support about it. I would like to have the option to have the lag on or off.

Just in case.
As a work around, then you can use the Pitchwheel or a Macro instead of the modwheel. (But perhaps you can't use the pitchwheel, for what you wan't to do.)
You can ie even assign a Macro to the Motion recorders on/ off button and have a modulation set to work when on. You can also use macros to control mod amounts in the Matrix and in the Motion recorder. This is great new mod additions.
There might be other options.

Also you perhaps has some options in your DAW to transpose an octave in one way or another.
I assume you wan't a playable modulation.
Title: Re: Mod wheel glide time - how to set it to zero?
Post by: razorbak on September 18, 2021, 10:44:14 pm
Thanks for your answer. You're correct, I want a playable modulation. I like using the mod input because of the W-30 joystick -- it's got left-right for pitch bend and up-down for mod. There's lots of travel for the pitch bend, but not much up-down travel for the mod wheel, which makes it less flexible in many ways to a normal mod wheel, but for performance, sometimes the on/off nature of it is just what I want. I can map left-right to pitch bend as you suggest, but that's not the performance style I'm after here.

I don't understand why the lag is there, given the oscillator can jump about without glide (e.g., playing different octaves with glide off, or with the arpeggiator), it is evidently able to respond to immediate pitch changes from other controllers. Perhaps it was modelled on a Mini that someone had spilled syrup on the mod wheel :-)

I am new to these forums, are they read by Arturia support, do you know?
Title: Re: Mod wheel glide time - how to set it to zero?
Post by: LBH on September 18, 2021, 11:39:30 pm
Your welcome.

Beside smoothen out steppings that i mentioned might be the cause. Keep in mind midi CC only have 128 steps untill the comming MIDI 2.0 will be implemented. But yes - in some situations, like in this situation, then lag/ smoothing for the modwheel is'nt good, - at least this long lag.
In synths with Lag generators Lag ie can be used to smoothen aftertouch and other controls. That can also be very helpful to control modulations. I ie like to use it for aftertouch in synths where it's possible to do, at least when using controllers without a aftertouch with a controlable delay time befor it kicks in, to avoid aftertouch modulation at initial key strike.
But yes it's strange it's not optional and controlable. However - i would not like only to have a stepping option, if that's the trade. What you wish to do can be done, just not with midi CC 1 (Modwheel).

If your joystick can send on different midi CCs, then you can use midi CC for a Macro and do what you wan't in one of the ways i suggested.

Sometimes Arturia employee of some kind reply in the forums, but it's not official support. Unfortunately i can't say Arturia read all the posts. I wish they did.