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Title: Arturia minibrute out of tune?
Post by: pelsin21 on September 12, 2021, 12:45:13 pm
I've recently been noticing that my minibrute is terribly out of tune. I hooked the minibrute up to a tuner and found that C was tuned to a B, so i turned the fine tuner up so it read C. Then i went to check if the rest of that same octave was in tune and found that the the D was also out of tune, but I cant fine tune that or else the C goes out of tune again.

On top of this i found that if i change the wave form level that I'm using that certain notes go out of tune again. I really hope this is just a firmware issue and i can download a firmware to solve the issue. But if any of you have experienced this same issue, or have any ideas, please chime in.