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Title: How to use "Transport" buttons to send MIDI in user mode?
Post by: DiSc on August 28, 2021, 09:12:15 am
I am using the Keylab MKII to control a self made synthesizer via MIDI (only DIN, not USB). I'm not using any DAW or software synth at all. Unfortunately, obviously, the transport buttons send no midi commands: I can not see any messages in the MIDI console and my synthesizer does not receive any messages from these buttons.
Also, I can not assign any commands to these buttons in the MIDI control center or in user edit mode.

As my synthesizer also features sequencer, arpeggiator and recording/playback features, I would like to use these buttons to control these.

How can I set up the transport buttons to send MIDI messages in user mode? If this is not possible, these buttons are unusable, lets say completely useless, for me  :(