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Title: Keylab started going bonkers in middle of gig
Post by: FlyingGerman on August 27, 2021, 03:28:07 am
Hello All,

I've had my Keylab88 for a while and it's never let me down until the other day.
All of a sudden when I press from C4 on downwards, it seems as if
the Keylab picks one of the Snaps (C4=Snap8, B3=Snap7, etc.)
and it's sending all kinds of crazy notes to the sound module which
then get hung up. While playing a note from C4 on down, the SNAP light
does light up so I know it's picking a Snapshot with one of the keys (verified via MIDI control center),
I just don't know why and how to fix this.

I have tried the factory reset (Holding Octave up/down while powering on and
wait for the disco lights to stop) and I also downgraded the firmware
from to just to try something.

Nothing seems to work.

Any idea what to do?