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Title: Never too late!
Post by: cmillar on August 26, 2021, 01:48:08 pm
Thanks to Arturia, I've finally found 'the synth' that's been eluding me for over 30 years or so!

( I'm not a full-time keyboard or synth player.....but I'm a full-time composer/trombone player who's been using synths and computers for a long time to compose and produce my work)

I've been searching for years for a synth that suits my brain 'thought patterns' and that is capable of producing the sounds that I've been 'hearing' and craving for years.

So, it just happens to be something I've grown up listening and have been influenced by my whole musical life....the Roland Jupiter 8 (Arcturia Jup-8 V) !!!!!

I've bought lots of great software over the years (Omnisphere, Diva, Tal Sampler, Synthmaster, Dune, etc.) but I've never been totally satisfied with any of them as far as being really inspired to 'dig into' them. I've used them in productions and compositions, and they've worked fine for sure.

And I do know that many software synths are awesome sounding. For sure.

But, now with the Jup-8 V, I finally feel 'at home' and want to become more of a programmer than I've ever been.

I know my way around programming synths, but the Jupiter just seems to inpire.
(I always hang on to my Roland XP-80 as a controller/sound source, because it has the best of 'both worlds' and could actually finish a musical piece if my computer was to suddenly die and I had nothing to work with but a hardware synth)

Anyways, just had to throw my thoughts out there. Thanks Arcturia, for preserving the history of snythesis with an eye to the future.

Wish I'd had a Jupiter 40 years ago! It's never too late! Best money I've spent in a decade.
Title: Re: Never too late!
Post by: MajorFubar on August 27, 2021, 02:30:51 pm
Hi cmillar, welcome to the forum.
Glad you are inspired by your purchase.
Enjoy your stay.