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Title: Microfreak MCC keeps crashing when I choice Microfreak
Post by: lornik on August 01, 2021, 05:46:32 pm
 I tried to save user presets on the PC via my MCC. That was incorrect. So far so good. Now I wanted to try again, but as soon as I select the connected Microfreak in the MCC, the MCC crashes. Tried everything, swapped USB cables, used a different USB slot, reset the user settings in the Microfreak. MCC uninstalled and reinstalled (with computer restart). But nothing happens. With the Keystep Pro everything works perfectly via the MCC. Only when I select the Microfreak does :( >:( >:( the MCC close immediately. That means I can't even do a firmware update. Has anyone had the same problem? :-X :-X >:( >:(