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Title: MIDI Thru question
Post by: albiedamned on July 27, 2021, 03:40:41 pm
(I also posted this on MW but hopefully I'll get a good answer here)

I have a question about how MIDI Thru works in the 2.0 firmware. The manual says

MIDI OUT 2 can now be configured as a MIDI THRU port. When set to Thru, MIDI info received through the MIDI In or the USB port will be forwarded to MIDI OUT 2. You can set
this in the MIDI control center or from Utility>MIDI Settings.

Note: Information sent on the tracks input MIDI channels will be processed by the KeyStep Pro tracks. On the other hand, you can disable the tracks input MIDI channels to let the
signal pass through on all channels.   

So if I have track 1 configured to use MIDI channel 1, and I send MIDI notes to the KSP on channel 1, are they removed from the MIDI Thru data coming out of the KSP's MIDI Out 2? Or do they come out of both of the KSP's MIDI outputs?

I also have a related question: if I send MIDI to the KSP on channel 1 and the corresponding KSP track has its own data recorded in the sequencer, does the incoming MIDI get merged with what's in the sequencer?

In general, I am trying to figure out how to hook up the KSP so that I can control my synths with either the KSP or my DAW, without having to rewire things when switching. I can do that pretty easily with a separate MIDI merger box, which I already have. But the trick is that I want to also be able to use the KSP as a MIDI to CV converter when sequencing from the DAW, so I need the DAW's MIDI to always go through the KSP.