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Title: VCA ENV difference
Post by: on July 22, 2021, 01:14:50 pm
I noticed something with my Polybrute that seemed odd (to me) but might be completely normal. So I wanted to see if other people had the same on their synth too.
Initialize a patch, then set the VCA ENV sustain to min and the decay to about 25%. You should hear some sort of pluck sound. Now toggle VCO1 filter routing between Steiner and Ladder. For me, the Steiner filter has a much shorter envelope than the Ladder.
Does anyone else have this?  :)
Title: Re: VCA ENV difference
Post by: larioso on November 12, 2021, 06:14:19 am
It's been a while, but I can confirm.

But possible that levels on filters are different making longer time until decay is done, not sure.

I also looked into setting regarding VCA curve settings, and difference remain for decay. depending on filter.

About attack curves I can sense no difference at all if using either filter, but no difference regarding curve selected either.

So will report to support regarding this if a firmware is about to be updated.
Almost a year since last now.

Could be a thing that should be part of some calibration when doing All, and VCA is included.