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Title: Category, Preset, and Multi button assignments in DAW mode
Post by: radford on July 21, 2021, 08:48:01 am
in DAW mode, the "Category", "Preset", and "Multi/Master" buttons are disabled. Is it possible to have a setting where these buttons are enabled in DAW mode and get default midi control codes assigned to them so that they can be learned/assigned to midi parameter controls in plugins? I feel like there's some wasted space on my keyboard.

I know I can switch to "User" mode and "Analog Lab" modes and have control codes assigned to the buttons that way, but I wanted to have something universally set as a default since I'm writing an FL Studio midi script integration for Arturia mkII keyboards. It would be super useful if I can navigate the other menus with the "Category" and "Preset" buttons enabled in DAW mode.

The "Multi"/"Master" button is also another button that's disabled in DAW mode that would be useful to have enabled.