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Title: Keystep with Ableton!
Post by: BVmusic on July 16, 2021, 12:24:08 pm
Need help please.
The two swithches are both down on the internal mode on my keystep.

When I hit play on my keystep , ableton starts playing and when I hit stop ableton stops as well, even the tempo is synched between my keystep and ableton. All good here, but when I hit play and ableton starts playing, My notes  keep repeating on my keystep as if they are being triggered by the keystep's sequencer, while I am playing my keystep . It's not when I hit play on a recorded scene in ableton, but when playing in realtime with my keyboard!

In stop mode between the two, notes play correctly, but I wish to record!
I just need to play my notes normally, while keeping both my keystep and ableton as they are , synched!

Thanks in advance for any solution -  Best Brian