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Title: Emulations of Ensoniq synths
Post by: Nordenstern on July 06, 2021, 09:32:51 pm

Cam Arturia make emulator of 1990-s Ensoniq synths  e.q TS-10(12),SD-1,VFX with all factory sounds? Roland & Korg made emulators of some their old synths,but Ensoniq & E-mu is defunct and nobody did emulators.

Arturia previously focused on emulation of analog synths,but recently a very good emulators of digital synths (DX7,Emu II,CMI,CZ,Synclavier) were released.May Ensoniq be  next?
Title: Re: Emulations of Ensoniq synths
Post by: terrablue on September 06, 2021, 12:27:42 pm
There is a leaked video on Twitch. An Arturia SQ80V is shown there. Looks like a SQ80 emulation is coming next. But a TS emu would be cool.
Title: Re: Emulations of Ensoniq synths
Post by: gridsleep on September 15, 2021, 11:11:03 pm
... Ensoniq & E-mu is defunct and nobody did emulators. ....

Siegfried Kullmann wrote an SQ-80 emulator named SQ-8L, which ended up at version 0.91b. It is available for free from Testimonials and videos show SQ-8L to be pretty much a spot on emulation. Nowhere near as fancy as SQ-80 V, but it gives you SQ-80 sound when you can't afford or find one that works.

As for E-Mu, their Emulator X3 software sampler included all the technology they developed for their rack units, including the fantastic Z-Plane filters. Emulator X3 goes beyond that and allows the user to define custome Z-Plane filters, which none of the hardware can do. Emulator X3 is no longer available for sale, but it is available if one looks for it. Arr, me hearty. Avast ye. When E-mu still existed before being swallowed and erased by Creative, they put their Proteus 2000 emulation, Proteus VX, up for free download. Proteus VX is also still available for download, just not from anywhere related to Creative. Scuttle the swine, arr.

PS--I already have SQ-80 V installed and it is marvelous. Recommended.
Title: Re: Emulations of Ensoniq synths
Post by: gridsleep on September 17, 2021, 05:04:23 pm
The SQ80 was an upgrade of the ESQ-s and the last in the line...

The Ensoniq VFX followed the ESQ-1 and SQ-80.

I do wish the Emulatorv played more than 8 voices. I think the MiniV could go up to 32 notes poly I wonder what hidden functions Arturia will put under the hood of the SQ80

You could try running multiple instances of SQ-80 V and mapping across the keyboard. The Novation V-Station is another plugin with an eight note limitation but uses an insignificant amount of CPU. One of my projects I am working on is writing a script in FL Studio to pass notes to several instances of the same plugin round robin so that together they act like a plugin with higher polyphony.
Title: Re: Emulations of Ensoniq synths
Post by: ulegaspar on November 25, 2021, 04:29:15 am
il hope someday FIZMO will be part of the V collection too...
Title: Re: Emulations of Ensoniq synths
Post by: VoxFisa333 on January 31, 2022, 03:51:44 pm
Once Ensoniq got in the game, things changed. First, they brought decent sampling power to a price point where it was feasibly marketable to "the masses" as well as adding analog synthesizer modules.

However, most digital synthesizers offered two waveforms and that was it, with the square wave being pulse-wdith modulated. in '78, Sequential Ciruits created the first fully polyphonic Synth but that was analog The Polymoog was paraphonic. The CZ-101/1000, in '84 used a digital system but generated tratidional waveorms and no variable filter It was still a good unit and you could synthesize a hell of a toy piano on it

I've been unable to find out which came first, the Korg DW[s or the ESQ-1 But even then, Dorg had an 8 choice wavetable and Ensoniq had 32 single-cycle waveforms to choose from and 3 oscillators with an analog filter After that, we were off to the racesw culminating in the KS/KT seiries  in a large scale market and the FIZMO which name is almost too funny to take seriously. I have a PDF of the KT Musicians' Manual and frankly, I was intimidated by it. If I had one with the print manual, it would take me a loooong time to figure it out. I had the SQ-80 down in a week. I bought it at a music store at which I looked at the manual, specifically at the piano sound and strings. It took me about 10 minutes to get the piano where I wanted it and I bought it on the spot for cash. Amazingly, it was selling for $395 USD second-hand. It quit on me in 2000, I still have it and would love to get it up and running. Actually I would like to see an KT or KS emulator. With the fourth folder of sounds, Arturia has turned it into a partial VFX. If the put a user sample folder, that would add EPS-16+ functions. It might aso render the Emulator II obsolete. The only thing the SSQ-80 lacked was pulse width, though I am told that there were ways to fake it. I wonder if there are any issues of theTransonic Hacker online

Ensoniq really scrambled the deck when it came to synthesis. Just why Creative Labs blew it and E-mu up, I do not know
Title: Re: Emulations of Ensoniq synths
Post by: Nordenstern on April 16, 2022, 03:36:49 pm
The SQ80 is interesting, but the SD-1 & TS-10 has much unique sounds, which  can't be emulated on SQ-80 sound engine.For example,it is "pseudo-orchestral" 90s sounds.It is not realislic like modern sample libraries,but useful for 90-s stylization & experiments. - since 3:17