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Title: can't backup presets (osX)
Post by: grrrzzzt on June 21, 2021, 07:26:08 pm
As stated; I have trouble with the midi control center and microfreak; sometimes it won't connect to it (it sees the microfreak but shows me "no device" on the right); if it actually succeed to list my presets; Ias soon as I click "recall to computer" I have an error messages "can't read meta from preset XX". When it lists presets it can't read the first two (?). Midi is working fine; and I did the firmware update from the software so it should go smoothly. There is no driver that I am aware of on mac. What am I missing? I have a keystep 37 and everything is working smoothly for this one. I just wanna backup my presets in case I accidently delete some. The microfreak is usb powered via a hub or the computer (tried both).