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Title: All V collection synths including OB-Xa V opens with black GUI error
Post by: AtariWolf on June 08, 2021, 12:30:59 pm
Hi all

Please help me as this is my last effort before I have to sell my licenses.  I use win 10 pro with an i11 11700k CPU and an Nvidia 1660 super graphics card.  All my software, including my daw Cubase, work well.  Unfortunately, my Arturia software synths won't open properly.  They display a GUI black screen with an error (please see attachment). I contacted support and they requested that I install the fonts in the resources folder.  This did not work.  Support has not replied to me since. Analog 5 and all the effects open fine, it's only the synths!  I can't reinstall windows as I struggle with software companies giving me more activations for my ilok software.  They get suspicious because they think I use pirate software.  So here is the error.  Anyone who has any ideas please respond.  Thanks.

[XML] Error on parse file C:\ProgramData\Arturia\OB-Xa V\resources\OB-Xa C:\ProgramData\Arturia\OB-Xa V\resources\fonts/Inter-Regulkar.ttf doesn't have the right case:expexted Arturia (C:\Jenkins\root\workspace\VC\release\obxa\jucearturialib\src\ArturiaImageManager.cpp:135