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Title: Cakewalk Users MiniLab MkII
Post by: Hank Taylor on May 12, 2021, 07:47:43 pm
I am fairly new to DAW's, Synths, and Audio Engineering. Just wanted to a shout out to any people using Cakewalk and the MiniLab MkII. I don't know enough to say I'm having problems. I am struggling to map the SI-Drum Kit to pads 2-8 on my MIDI, but at this point I think it's mostly my lack of knowledge. I am reading the Cakewalk Reference Manual, The Arteria User Manual and The MIDI Control Center Manual. I am making progress and I am very happy with The MiniLab MkII unit. I know I'll eventually catch on. Pretty sure Mike in YouTube Creative Sauce covers it in one of his drum mapping tutorials , It's just a matter of getting it together on my part. Thanks for any input you may have.