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Title: Suggestions for modular expansion
Post by: Sidhu on May 12, 2021, 12:58:07 pm
Hello all,

I am seriously considering "expanding" my MiniBrute via modular components.  I have never touched anything in this realm before so it's kind of a big open mysterious wonderland to me currently.  I did a quick search and surprisingly I don't think this has been discussed much on here.

So I'm wondering, does anyone have any suggestions on where to start?  What kind component would be the "most useful" to get first?  I'm guessing a second oscillator would probably be pretty good?  What about effects, LFOs, sequencers, etc?

Any suggestions on particular brands or specific modules that any of you have had success with?  Certain ones that "play nice" with the MiniBrute? I guess they need to match up with the CV/gate specs that the MiniBrute uses, right?  And produce a high enough audio output to work well with the MiniBrute's stubborn audio in sensitivity 9apps (  Do most modular components produce that high level of output or do we need to be a bit selective about this (without having to resort to other amplifiers or anything like that... would prefer to work with direct out-in  connections)

Loaded question I know, and I know there are online resources, but I'm very curious to hear everyone's thoughts, suggestions, ramblings, experiences and so forth as it specifically relates to using the MB with other modular components, and suggestions on where a "newbie" might get started.