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Title: Reinstalling
Post by: graptemys on April 01, 2021, 04:58:34 pm
 I bought the Collection 7 a little under a year ago and installed it on a not so great laptop. I finally have a good laptop and am trying to get the Collection installed on the laptop like the old laptop. The registration all went through fine (registered on two computers) but some of the keyboards are not allowing access past the trial 20 minutes. they seem to be newer versions. For example with the Jupiter 8 version 3 that came with my Collection 7. I can't find anywhere on the Arturia site to download version 3.  I can find version 4, but it locks me out after 20 minutes saying I don't have access to this keyboard. I see they are advertising the Collection 8 everywhere and most of the links I try lead me to that, but I don't want to buy the new version. I barely got to use the version I bought. I want to use the Collection 7 on this new laptop. Where can I download the version 3 I bought last year?
Title: Re: Reinstalling
Post by: LBH on April 01, 2021, 08:14:12 pm

Your V-Collection 7 should be availble in ASC, if you log into ASC using the correct account. Are you saying that is'nt the case?

Aslo you can allways, find old applications here:

If you don't need the install on your old computer, then i suggest you deactivate V-Collection on that computer.