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Title: Midi Issue with Digitakt and Ableton
Post by: deepscouse on April 01, 2021, 10:43:42 am
Whenever I try to send midi to the Microfreak with either Ableton or the Digitakt the Microfreak freezes. I have tried lots of diferent cables and every combination of setting on both devices and Ableton (midi sent via RME Babyface) I have rolled back through the firmwares and the problem still persits. I can only think of one more thing that could be wrong.

Are the midi cables provided with the Microfreak Identical?

Both of mine have an outward pointing arrow which I guess if they were not identical would denote that its for midi out and I have two of those cables by mistake.

Such a shame because its a great little synth but completely unusable for me as I have to intergrate it into my set up.