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Title: Microfreak Switches to Preset 1 Whenever Play Signal is Sent from Ableton Live
Post by: kevincassidy on March 08, 2021, 05:32:20 am
Hi all! Apologies if this is an Ableton issue - I've had little luck finding information as to whether this is a Microfreak setting or an Ableton setting:

Everytime I press "play" to send MIDI via USB into the Microfreak, the Microfreak resets to the 1st preset.

It seems everytime "Play" is pressed in Ableton to start the MIDI sequence, it sends a call to the MF that resets the preset to 1. I I have attempted to adjust the MIDI mappings in Ableton but am unable to find if it's possible to disable the "play" mapping - I have no custom MIDI mappings set. Any help would be appreciated!!