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Title: Keylab Mk III
Post by: ZeroZero on February 28, 2021, 10:34:35 am
Been around studios for thirty years. The Keylab Mk II is the best MIDI controller I have ever used. Still, some improvement requests, or even a request for a premium product.

 You guys are very very close to producing the ultimate controller

1] Motorised Faders  - these are lacking, I had to sacrifice this to buy this controller. Motorised controlers that can be turned off would suit everyone.

2] General upgrade to the knobs buttons and sliders. Whilst these are not the cheapest tat, in fact they are fairly acceptable, they are not top quality. In particular the pots can be a bit crunchy. The drum pads cpould be more responsive too, the big knob could be more durable and chunky.

3] Improved VDU. Larger, perhaps touch sensitive, raised in angle so that one can see it better when playing.

4] Re-introduce the painoteq software, in order to guaruntee a great piano sound ouit of the box.

5] MIDI 2 capability

6] Provide some user resource for templates for major non Arturia Instruments - like Omnisphere, Vienna Instruments, East West, and other brands. Perhaps a user forum here to swap these. 

If there were a no compromise premium product like this, with the fantastic software integration (and sounds)  you already have, in the fantastic chassis you have, with the keybeds you have, it would be a world beater and would make it's way into even the top pro studios. People would be happy to pay for it  Personally I would pay well over a thousand UK for this, happily.

Hope you can make this a reality

Title: Re: Keylab Mk III
Post by: MajorFubar on March 08, 2021, 04:16:41 pm
I'm pretty sure Arturia will not go back to bundling it with Pianoteq, that's a direct competitor to Piano V, which they do include with the Keylab 88 as I'm sure you've found out.
Title: Re: Keylab Mk III
Post by: Christian61 on May 22, 2021, 10:11:30 pm
The keylab mk2 keys/keyboard itself is poor compaired to my Access Virus Ti keybed.

Ableton intregration is poor as well (auto mapping to the devices (blue hand)) does not work for me without creating my own customs user mapping.

Even the intregration with their own Arturia V Collection 8 software synths (Analog Lab) is not quite working as shown online on their website. The search through „styles“ does not work at all from the keylab mk2 controller, anyway it looks as they have made changes which do not quite work / are not fully implemented yet.
Title: Re: Keylab Mk III
Post by: Matthieu_Arturia on October 13, 2021, 05:56:30 pm
Hi everyone.
Sorry for not answering sooner.
I've logged all your requests, and we will consider them very seriously when designing our future products.
Thanks for the precious feedback!
I wish you all well!