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Title: Beatstep with Analog Lab
Post by: BLXMAN on February 17, 2021, 11:53:41 pm
I currently run VC7 (soon to be VC8) and use my NI Komplete S61 MKII as my main studio controller.

However I've just read that VC8  has no NKS support [yet] so I was thinking of getting a cheap Beatstep controller which I figure is fully integrated with VC8 right, ooor is it?

My first query is 16 knobs on the Beatstep does not = 8 Knobs and 8 Faders in Analog Lab so maybe it isn't integrated?

Or do the bottom row of 8 Beatstep Knobs = the 8 Faders in Analog Lab? if so I can work with that.

Secondly, I figure if Arturia are going to stick with the 8 Knob x 8 Fader controller set in Analog Lab then is there any chance of them releasing a suitable controller with JUST 8 Knobs and 8 Faders without having to add another Keyboard (KeyLab) onto an already well populated desk.

Maybe someone is using or can recommend a good 8 Knob x 8 Fader controller? how does EasyControl integrate?

Cheers in advance ;)