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Title: Nuendo DAW Integration
Post by: mediaeam on January 18, 2021, 03:40:45 am
Good day All,

I just ordered a new KeyLab 88 MKII and will be using it with Nuendo 11. Does anybody have any experiences they can share around DAW mode compatibility with any version of Nuendo? Even though Nuendo is a version of Cubase, many plugins and peripherals work differently between the two.

Thank you very much!
Title: Re: Nuendo DAW Integration
Post by: ZeroZero on February 24, 2021, 03:53:20 pm
 Hi I just set up A MkII for Cubase 11. Here is the link.

Make sure you use Mackie Control, not Mackie Hue as some advise follow this post to the letter. The only difference I found is the post refers to a Cubase setting called "Use Metronome", Here its called "Activate Metronome". Of course if you are using Cubsase Controller Room you have to enable the metronome there too, otherwise no sound. I also notice that the magnetic layover for Cubase is not really needed as the default names - backed on the keyboard are correct for Cubase 11.

Cant comment on Neundo, but I think this will work


Title: Re: Nuendo DAW Integration
Post by: mediaeam on February 24, 2021, 10:13:08 pm
Thank you for the information, its very helpful! Neundo is pretty much identical to Cubase.

In unrelated news: Its too bad that the Atruria forum security Captcha has such an awful UX, maybe more people would use the forum to share and help out. This will be my only post, and I will probably sell the keyboard due to the lack detailed information that is generally only available from community support.