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Title: How to Setup Arturia MiniLab mkii with Pro Tools
Post by: ludrubru on January 14, 2021, 06:17:50 am
Hey everyone, this is my first post in a forum, ever.

I just got a MiniLab mkii the other day and wanted to share my setup. I wasn't able to find any information on how well the MiniLab can integrate with Pro Tools so I want to share my experience.
Good news: It works perfectly!

Info for Pro Tools users:

This is a great portable MIDI controller that can be fully setup to control Pro Tools. Iíve written out how Iíve setup my MiniLab mkii to have control of Transport, Faders, Pans, Solo, Mute, and Master Track Fader.

Iím running Pro Tools 2020 on a MacBook Pro with Catalina.

To get everything to work I had to change Peripherals>MIDI Controllers and set Type to M-Audio Keyboard. Receive and Send are Arturia MiniLab mkii
When in Midi Control Center perform a firmware update on your MiniLab MKII.
Iíve saved to Memory 2
Everything is to my preference, feel free to work outside the template Iíve written below.
Pad colors are to your preference, but Iíve labeled mine below.

Set all to Channel 16

All Knob Modes are set to Control
All Pad Modes are set to Switched Control
All Pad Options are set to Gate

Knobs Min Value and Max Value remain 0 and 127 (defaults)
Faders (knobs 1-8 and knobs 1/2+shift) are set to Absolute
Pans (knobs 9-16) are set to Relative #2

Knob 1: Fader 1: CC 33
Knob 2: Fader 2: CC 34
Knob 3: Fader 3: CC 35
Knob 4: Fader 4: CC 36
Knob 5: Fader 5: CC 37
Knob 6: Fader 6: CC 38
Knob 7: Fader 7: CC 39
Knob 8: Fader 8: CC 40

Knob 1+Shift: Master Fader: CC 41
Knob 2+Shift: Master Fader: CC 41

Knob 9: Pan 1: CC 17
Knob 10: Pan 2: CC 18
Knob 11: Pan 3: CC 19
Knob 12: Pan 4: CC 20
Knob 13: Pan 5: CC 21
Knob 14: Pan 6: CC 22
Knob 15: Pan 7: CC 23
Knob 16: Pan 8: CC 24

Knob 1 Switch: Solo: CC 13
Knob 9 Switch: Mute: CC 12

Pad 1: Play: CC 117: Green
Pad 2: Stop: CC 116: Blue
Pad 3: Record: CC 118: Red
Pad 4: Loop: CC 113: Cyan
Pad 5: Track Left: CC 110: Purple
Pad 6: Track Right: CC 111: Yellow
Pad 7: Bank Left: CC 14: Purple
Pad 8: Bank Right: CC 15: Yellow

Pad 9: Slider Button 1: CC 49: Red
Pad 10: Slider Button 2: CC 50: Red
Pad 11: Slider Button 3: CC 51: Red
Pad 12: Slider Button 4: CC 52: Red
Pad 13: Slider Button 5: CC 53: Red
Pad 14: Slider Button 6: CC 54: Red
Pad 15: Slider Button 7: CC 55: Red
Pad 16: Slider Button 8: CC 56: Red

Hope this helps someone out there!
Title: Re: How to Setup Arturia MiniLab mkii with Pro Tools
Post by: fdelorme on September 15, 2021, 11:47:12 pm
Thanks, that<s very helpful!

I just gor my Minilab MkII but I can't make it work in PT2021.  Can you help?

Here's the error message I am receiving in PT.

Thanks in advance.

Title: Re: How to Setup Arturia MiniLab mkii with Pro Tools
Post by: pedu on May 25, 2022, 12:28:31 pm
Could you please export the settings as a Template and attach it to your post? Thx in advance
Title: Re: How to Setup Arturia MiniLab mkii with Pro Tools
Post by: joyce112 on May 31, 2022, 11:20:42 am
The new firmware update (1.1.2) seems to have fixed this issue!
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