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Title: Arturia Microlab Pitch Not Working Properly, Pitch Jumps
Post by: gaston9423 on January 07, 2021, 04:25:20 am
Just bought a brand new Microlab for my music production at my travels,

I first used it with Ableton 10 and Analog Lab 3, and the pitch seems to jump between the center (0 cents) and 2 full notes down (-4 cents). This of course on a scale of -12 cents to +12 cents. I updated the microlab to the latest version 1.0.6 via Midi Control Center and still doesn not work properly. The problem happens with every DAW a use (FL STUDIO and Logic) and even with Piano V and PROPHET V on standalone software. Doing the pitch up works just fine, but when i do down, jumps from 0 to -4 and after that works good.

Seems to be like a calibration problem of some sort, is possible to fix my problem? Or should i return the product? I really hope we could fix it without returning the product because the store is very far from my home.

Thank you.