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Title: These are issues and there are some feature requests from someone who uses the V
Post by: Karlos on November 30, 2020, 10:05:46 am
I use the V Collection a lot.  Recently also purchased a Beatstep Pro so i could get more CCs and am also pleased that the sequencing is allowing for increased creativity of sound and beats.

Having used the V Collection a lot over the year 2020, I now have a few feature requests and also am running into some issues lately.

Please make playlists open with NEWEST playlist at top, and create the NEWEST at the top.  I can't stress how important this is.  The playlists ALWAYS open at the top of the list of playlists, and it's always creating NEWEST playlist at the bottom.  Not logically/efficiency sound to do so as one focuses on the newest playlist and not the 2nd newest playlist (of course it opens on the most recently focused playlist, which also was moved from bottom to top, in reverse order).  In the same line of thought, one sees that it would be best to make a "Collapse all" option for the playlists, so that they don't need to be individually clicked to efficiently scroll from top to bottom, or to drag the newest created playlist from the bottom position where it is created to the top position where the playlist opens. 

Glitch 1: 
Sometimes the different methods of using the synths lead to different results.  It can jump to the newly created patch in the list, or not.  It happens differently in the CS than in the Modular.  This is pretty regularly inconsistent.  I would like it if it always jumped to the newly created preset (patch) in the long list every time. 

This brings me to the feature request 2, can Arturia programmers make an option to place my latest created patch directly into the focused (top) playlist at the same time as it is created in the long list of all presets?

A few simple ideas that could save real headaches when operating the synths in different ways, as in while recording live, where it can freeze the program for up to a minute (though audio is running still) while the plugin edits its long xml for all playlists, moving my most recently created to the top of the list, where 1000 patches exist in 45 or 50 different playlists.