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Title: Midi Out Delay
Post by: IROn5L1nKY on October 30, 2020, 06:17:32 am
So I've searched many places and cant seem to find a replica of this exact problem.
Yesterday it was synced fine, MCC wasn't even installed.
Today, I have problem where when run in sync with ableton clock it looks like the beatstep drum sequence is triggering but no sound comes out until several measures in.
So this is a multi second delay.
And when I press stop on Ableton the lights stop blinking on sequencer but Abletons midi out signals keep flashing, even after I have pressed master stop in ableton.

Whew, this is weird, any help is ultra-appreciated, I love this device, first actual problem I've had with it, but sure put a wrench in my plans for working on new material tonight.
Title: Re: Midi Out Delay
Post by: IROn5L1nKY on October 30, 2020, 08:53:06 am
And as I've spent more time with it, what seems to be more precisely happening is whether I sync Ableton to the beatstep or the other way around, it seems that ableton receiving the drum impulses speeds up and slows down randomly and sometimes will cut out for a bit altogether.
The output of messages being intermittent seems to be the simplest summing up of the issue at hand.
This is rendering it useless altogether until I can get it to go back to how it worked every other time.
Did I screw it up by leaving it on overnight?
Lost on this