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Title: Octatrack-style param-state management + MIDI control
Post by: vvilms on October 04, 2020, 08:16:35 am
With Octatrack, the user is given parameter-state interpolation via the crossfader.
With PolyBrute, the user is given parameter-state interpolation via "morph".

With the Octatrack's scene selection, you can discretely select A and B parameter states to "morph" between.
With PolyBrute's Morph utilities, the user can "Pick B", "Copy A to B", "Copy Current morph position to either A or B", and "Swap A/ B".

As I see it, the missing piece of the puzzle with PolyBrute is the ability to discretely address A (leaving B's state untouched).
This would be my first and most fervent feature request.

If ^this should ultimately prove to be impossible, I have a couple additional thoughts for a possible workaround:

Implement an option to snap the "Morph" param to:
- A, whenever the "Current to A" or "Swap A/B (while on B)" functions are used.
- B, whenever the "Current to B" or Swap A/B (while on A)" functions are used.

This would ideally render all Morph utility functions in-audible in a live context. The glaring caveat being that the Morph knob isn't also being physically snapped to the corresponding positions.

However, if:
1. The user can set the ribbon controller to modulate "Morph"
2. The ribbon controller can be set to latch its position
3. PolyBrute can override said latched position, upon using the aforementioned Morph utility functions.

Then the ribbon controller could become a functional crossfader, allowing the user to always morph to a new parameter state, following the usage of any of the aforementioned Morph utility functions.

If either of these were deemed feasible, the next question would be how to easily and/or remotely access these functions in a live context:

MIDI implementation:

I'm gonna go ahead and assume that everything needs to operate on a single channel for parameter-state interpolation to occur.

What I imagine would be simplest is if you used a CC# for each Morph utility function. Though for some (ie. Pick A or Pick B), I anticipate there's a resolution cap to overcome, given there are 768 preset slots. My suggestion for overcoming the resolution cap would be to give the user a favorites list or sound pool to add their favorite sounds to. (Say 127 entries long or less if need be).

Bonus thought: Pick A/ B Matrix Pad mode:

I imagine a mode in which the Matrix pads are split evenly down the middle to represent favorites lists for A and B would be pretty intuitive for the user. (Left being A, Right being B.) I imagine this would make managing parameter-states a breeze. :)

Anyways, I think that this would truly be a game-ender feature add. If anyone has any other suggestions, I'd love to hear them. :)

Thanks for listening,
- Aaron