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Title: BRIGHT blinking white lights
Post by: HughEye on September 12, 2020, 07:07:34 pm
Just got a 37. Very nice. Except the annoying and distracting hyper-bright white blinking Oct button lights. We're in a pretty dim studio space, we like it that way. And this thing DOMINATES the room when Oct is on. It blinks on the ceiling it's so bright. We have blinking LEDs all over the places, couple dozen synths, controllers, processors. But none can match this obnoxious bright white light.

We had to put black electricians tape over that section. Nice. What would be better than tape is if Arturia (after apparently years of complaints about this thing, we realized after a few searches), had a simple feature in the Midi control center that would allow users to turn it off, or at least stop the Fr%$&$ blinking. We don't need to know what octave we're in...we can hear it with our ears.

What I don't get is that after all these years of complaints from customers on multiple forums, and likely direct, Arturia just ignored it, and created a brand new keyboard with the same flaw.