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Title: BSP Issue on Mute Button to Pro 1 Synth
Post by: Math630 on September 10, 2020, 11:56:57 am
Hello everyone,

First I want to notice that this is my very first machines (Pro 1 / BSP / TR 808  ) and maybe this question is very easy...But let's try !

I have an issue with my Setup :

I do a bassline on Seq2 of the BSP (That control the Pro 1 on Channel 11 for example) -> Everything is ok

When I just Unmute the Drum Sequencer, the Sequence is launched on  the 808 but The Sound on the Pro 1 become non sense (like there is always a Gate Signal on the Pro 1, becoming droning stuff...).

Of course, the 808 is on a totally different midi channel.

Do you know what happen ? This is only happening when I do mute / unmute action. Like BSP is sending Midi data to the Pro1...

By advance : thank you for your help !