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Title: Analog Lab 4 Update - SCREWED ME
Post by: K_Sac on September 10, 2020, 03:09:22 am
Very upset with the Analog 4 update I just did.  I had a great organ B-3 preset sound that I created that is no longer available.  All the presets I had exported before the upgrade came over, but NOT the B-3 organ preset.  I thought, luckily I had exported it, but when I imported it after the update - it's not there.  I tried re-creating it using the available organ sounds - totally unsuccessful.  Every single organ sound I tried has this terrible low-end buzz.  I try different sounds like pianos - no buzz.  Organ sounds - all BUZZ.  Makes me wish I had never upgraded.  I am very upset that I have to now come up with a different solution for all of my songs that I play live in Ableton.  Analog Lab made a lot of work for me with this update.  I will be very leery of using their VSTs in the future if updates mean they are going to take things away.
Title: Re: Analog Lab 4 Update - SCREWED ME
Post by: LBH on September 10, 2020, 04:22:43 am
You don't give much informations. But it sound like you have updated from a Analog Lab where you did'nt have the new B3 V2 sounds, Your old sounds seems to be B3 V sounds.
Have you tried to check the "Include Legacy Sounds" in Analog Labs menu? Does that make your old sounds accessible?

I can add that the Buzz you mention is something that can be edited, if you own the full B3 V2 application.