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Title: Synthi V has very high CPU Load
Post by: passat88 on September 05, 2020, 07:07:05 pm
Synthi V generates very high CPU/System Load. Much more than most of the other plugins i use.
I am using a Notebook with I7 CPU 4th Generation with 16GB RAM. I run Cubase and Arturia Plugins from SSD.
Specially sounds like "Lost Beacon Pad" take the system to overload.   >:(
Title: Re: Synthi V has very high CPU Load
Post by: LBH on September 05, 2020, 09:56:23 pm
Do you think there is something wrong?
I'm not sure what you exspect, and you don't give very useful data, so it's possible to check anything.

Intel 4th generation CPUs from 2013-2015 has a base frequency from 1.50 to 4.00 GHz and Turbo frequncy from 2.90 to 4.40 GHz. Which excact model do you have?

How much is the very high CPU load?
How much CPU does your other plugins use? And which plugins are those? I assume you also can have different CPU loads depending on the sounds and number of voices in those.

Which buffer settings and samplerate settings do you use for everything?
Title: Re: Synthi V has very high CPU Load
Post by: passat88 on October 23, 2020, 05:55:58 pm
I am running Cubase 7.5 Artist and Cakewalk by Bandlab (newest Version) as Hosts
 and Arturia V-Collection 7 ( since V- Collection 3) , Native Instruments Komplete Ultimate 10, Toontrack Supperior Drummer 2 and some Freeware as VST Plugins.
I use E-MU 0404 as MiDi and Audio Interface.
As Reference for System Load I use the VST Performance Bar in Cubase, the CPU Load indication in the Plugins and my ears.  ;)

>>> All these Software is running on the same System and when everything is working fine except one Plugin, i think the Problem is this Plugin not the System. <<<
The first Plugin where I noticed a high CPU load was Matrix V. But that was not more than about 60%.
Some Presets in Synthi V has up to 100% or more System Load in Cubase and the same behavior in Cakewalk.
>>> The same System where i can run the Supperior Drummer, Natives Kontakt (with a few Plugins open) Massive and Arturia Modular V3 and CS 80 V3 at the same time without any problems.  <<<

This Synth has not many more parameters than all the other Synths, what could be the reason for this issue. I think the programming of the Synthi V is bad and sloppy.
I don't know whether this problem could easily solved with an update, because i think the reason is the basic programming.  :(
Title: Re: Synthi V has very high CPU Load
Post by: LBH on October 25, 2020, 06:08:27 pm
I'm not asking you the questions to defend Synthis CPU usage or something like that, and i don't say Synthi V does'nt use much CPU, like you seem to think, that i do. Buchla V also use much CPU.
Some of Arturias synths can use much CPU, especially when used in poly modes. So can other vendors applications for that matter.
I too hope, something can and will be done about this.

The developement seems to be that plugins use more CPU, as the CPUs become better. Some can be explained with better quality and such, but i also think, that developement might not take enough time to optimize the performance the way it was needed before . But i can't tell for sure. I actually think that more optimization is needed even today, if it's technically possible.
Even new strong CPU's can have a hard time with some sounds in some applications from different manufactors. So it's hard to run many plugins, because they have a high CPU usage.
But i also wan't plugins that does'nt sound the same as allways, and emulations that actually sound like the originals, and that may require more CPU usage. Andi even think emulations still could be better.

Just in case: The Lost Beacon Pad you mentioned in your first post has a overdriven Envelope output Signal that cause distortion. If you don't wan't this, then you can turn the Envelope Signal parameter down a little.
If you hear distortion things like this can be the reason.

I must say, that you compare things, in a way that's not helpful to understand and compare the CPU usage you have, as you does'nt tell anything about your CPU or your soundcard and computer settings. So it's not possible to see, if there is more to your troubles, that Synthis CPU usage.
I use a Ivy Bridge "third generation" i7 CPU and i can run Synthi V including the preset you mention.  And i can max out a CPU core with other manufactors synths. But that does'nt tell much about actual performance without having technical and more precise data though.
But yes i agree that some synths use too much CPU, if it's actually possible to optimize them to use less without loosing quality, If that's the only thing you wan't from this thread.
If a plugins CPU usage is to high, then many will choose or have to not to use the plugin.