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Title: Keylab essential 61 error there is not enough memory available for this task
Post by: Ross0990 on September 03, 2020, 10:07:25 pm
Help please,

I have had the key lad essential 61 for 3 months and haven't really been able to use it. I have read and installed everything, even had a team viewer session with Sweetwater tech support. still no one from Arturia will help aside from emailing the same instructions. I'm using the most current version of protools 2020 running a Nuc7 I7 with 32g of ram I run a Apollo twin x and a MPC ren with it. i have uninstalled and re installed Midi CC ARTURIA SC, Analog lab and protools multiple times. i have deleted the drivers and uninstalled the unit and reinstalled multiple times. it was said the issue has to do with windows although still no solution. the key lab essential will work for a couple minutes literally like 3 to 5 min, then nothing it does not send or receive midi in any application. when I enter the audio midi settings in the analog lab the Arturia 61 will not stay checked the second midi does though. this has been a massive headache and for my first Arturia product this really sucks. every time I check with midi ox to see if its going to work after a fresh install it will say not enough memory space to complete this task quit one or more applications to free memory. the big thing here is there isn't any other applications open.i have ran every update available to help with finding a resolution

Malcome Ross
Fraternity ent
Intel Nuc7I7
32gb ram
windows 10 pro
windows 10 pro