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Title: Microfreak with Studio One
Post by: Ninja7x on August 20, 2020, 12:36:52 pm

Im able to record the MF into Studio One as an audio track.
Im able to use the MF as a controller.

I cannot however, use the MF as an instrument. I contacted Presonus directly and followed their advice for connection.
I set the MF up as a keyboard with the MF set as the Midi Recieve From.
I created an instrument and set the MF as the Send To device.

It still works as a keyboard and will record midi notes, but I get no sound at all when im playing or playing back the midi.

Any help would be greatly appreciated if you have anyone that can setup already in Studio One?

I added some images to show my setup in Studio One.

Id like to be able to play the MF as an instument in Studio One and also sync the clock with my DaW so its in time with my other recorded music.