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Title: KLE 49 G#1 - D#2 Not Functional
Post by: chowman29 on July 11, 2020, 03:19:46 am
Hi everyone,

I recently purchased and received my first ever MIDI Controller, the Keylab Essential 49. After registering and installing all the software that came with it, I started playing around in Analog Lab 4. I noticed that the keys corresponding to G#1 - D#2 (the ones that are conveniently labeled as MIDI CH 9-16) don't make any sound. The MIDI Control Center software's MIDI Console does not register anything for those keys, either.

What are the proper troubleshooting steps I should take for this issue? I feel like it's a little suspicious (in a good way?) that the 2nd set of 8 consecutive keys aren't making noise, but I can't figure out how to get around this.

Seems to me like I might need to return to the store and order another unit; is the process of un-registering Analog Lab 4, Ableton Live Lite, and the Grand Piano from my account straightforward?
Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks so much  :)
Title: Re: KLE 49 G#1 - D#2 Not Functional
Post by: gphantom on July 12, 2020, 10:02:35 pm
Sounds like you definitely have a hardware problem with the keyboard. (Did you try different presets in Analog Lab 4?  Some presets don't have the full keyboard set up)
If it is a hardware issue, your registrations are based on your account.  If you buy another keyboard, you would have another set of software and each set allows you to have 3 (if I remember) users each (so that you could have one computer at the office, another at home and still another at the cottage or studio if you do recordings)
Title: Re: KLE 49 G#1 - D#2 Not Functional
Post by: chowman29 on July 12, 2020, 10:42:50 pm
Thanks for your reply! Yeah, I figured as much, unfortunately. Not a big deal, I'll return the unit and order a new one. This is probably a one-in-a-million kind of a thing (I hope!) and I'm just looking forward to learning this new instrument  :)
Title: Re: KLE 49 G#1 - D#2 Not Functional
Post by: gphantom on July 13, 2020, 01:06:13 am
Yeah, the keylab essential 49 is also my first controller.  Always wanted a Moog modular but at those prices... Not.  When I saw the Arturia Modular V, I jumped on it.  Used a casio 99.00 thing without frills and then went for the 49... I debated between the 61 key and the 49 and, since I can't play but rather want to compose, I decided on the 49 (backed by a salesman at the Moog Audio store)
The fun part is setting channels for the keyboard as well as the Pads and, you can set the actual key that each pad uses (some presets use C3 while others use C1 etc...
All you can do is experiment, read and try.