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Title: Keystep does not reset sequence when synced to Digitakt via MIDI
Post by: gerfalkon on June 14, 2020, 07:43:41 pm
I use Keystep as a sequencer for Novation Peak and as a MIDI/CV interface for my Eurorack. Digitakt serves as a master clock for all this system. Everything runs fine, except one issue.
When I press STOP on Digitakt, the sequence on Keystep pauses (but does not reset itself to beginning), and when I hit PLAY on Digitakt again, the sequence resumes from the step it was interrupted on.
The only workaround is to manually stop sequencer on KS after stopping Digitakt. But having to stop both devices is rather irritating and ineffective. I tried all possible settings on both but no result. Please advice.

Digitakt Midi Out (Master CLock) (autochannel 10) -> Keystep Midi In -> Sync set to MIDI