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Title: Harmonics count.
Post by: JLindborg on June 10, 2020, 02:50:16 pm

I have been trying out the Synclavier V and bought it last weekend.
I have used the resynthesis quite much and would like to se an upgrade from 24 harmonics to 128 the original had. (You could choose between 24 and 128)
This would present a much better representation of a sample that is being analyzed.
Also I would like to be able to adjust the level threshold of the sample being analyzed to make it possible to ignore parts of a sample with lower volume just as the original.

Cheers and congratulations to a nice collaboration with Cameron Jones!
Title: Re: Harmonics count.
Post by: JLindborg on July 04, 2020, 04:41:39 pm
I see that there are not too many replies to my topic and I start to suspect that my wish may inflict into the original NED Synclavier II as that still has substantial price claim.
I actually donít know!
But my wish remains as mentioned earlier... and why not in stereo while we are at it!?
Ok... I know, the original didnít have it in stereo... but still!.😄