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Title: Strange Sound with Cubase 9.5
Post by: MichaelF1968 on June 06, 2020, 07:22:22 pm
Hi folks,

I recently bought Arturi V Collection 7.
Installation was easy, but here's the problem.

If I create a instruments track in cubase 9.5, I'll be able to play the synths without any problem.
Recording the same instance and playing it back, the sound changes in some way.

I don't mean the program changes, the sound itself does.
Depending on the sound I get a detuning or a sharper sound.

I tried this with the Jupiter 8 and the DX7, but I guess this will appear on all others, too.

Playing with the keyboard > alright
Playing back > alwrong ;-)

First I thought I recorded some midi sysEx.

Any help appreciated.

I found the issue:
It recorded CC19 gen Purp events.
Must have somthing to do with my Komplete Kontrol Keyboard and its record button.

Never had an effect on sound, yet though.