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Title: Keylab Essential 88 Not Working Properly on Ableton Live 10 (SOLVED)
Post by: t3ddy1! on May 21, 2020, 05:16:36 am
Hi, Recently purchased the essential 88 key,

Tried to set it up on Ableton 10 and entered the world of pain. Changed the setting for it as recommended to Keylab essential, but it seems that it only supports up to 61 key and starts doing random buttons after the 61st key, is there anyone that is having the same issue or a way to get around it ?

Now a part of me is wishing i just brought the 61 key version instead  ??? :-\

Managed to sort out the issue, tbh is a strange one for how i worked it out, did follow the instructions on other post about changing setting in preferences to DAW in, but for some reason no sound was triggering, but then turned on just the input for MIDI in too as well as daw and for now seems to be working fine