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Title: MIDI out Velocity problems
Post by: Webchimex on May 10, 2020, 07:04:12 pm

Microfreak on midi out is giving me problems with velocity, yes i know about the velocity curves and the preset Velo amp  mod setting.

And this has to do with the VELO AMP MOD setting found on the preset options.
Internally the microfreak uses the VELO AMP MOD setting pretty good, but it just does not translate to MIDI.

I just dont want Velocity sent on midi, no matter what curve setting i use or if i change the VELO AMP MOD value, it keeps sending it.
Please help, i really want o use the microfreak as my keyboard because i love how it works internally, but as midi is not working out.

Sorry for my english and thanks for the patience.
Title: Re: MIDI out Velocity problems
Post by: Groginizer on July 06, 2020, 06:26:26 am
I have the same issue with velocity via MIDI.

Velocity output from MIDI is extremely jumpy. It is almost impossible to play anything with consistent velocity regardless of how I set the keyboard sensitivity or velocity curve.

I do not experience this issue when using the internal sounds.

If this is not a bug, then I agree with the OP that it would be good to disable velocity on MIDI or allow setting it to a fixed value (say, 100 or 127).

Please advise.