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Title: Zero / Reset Kit
Post by: Aron_W on April 10, 2020, 10:54:40 am

I'm new to Spark. Sound wise it's rad but I'm struggling with the boring admin side of it. Is there a way to zero all settings on a kit so it's just dry? All the comp and reverb is doing my head in. I'd like to just start with dry simple kits and make my own creations based on the bare bones of kits.
Also I tried saving a new Project with one of the kits I spent about 20 minutes editing and the kit had no sounds. The manual looks to be from days of yor and I couldn't get much from it.
Last thing anyone got a cheat sheet of key commands / shortcuts you can use instead of using the mouse all the time.

Thanks for your help!
Title: Re: Zero / Reset Kit
Post by: LBH on April 10, 2020, 09:43:37 pm

What's wrong with just creating a New Project with the FILE ICON fully left in the top panel?
Or is that what you are looking for?
Title: Re: Zero / Reset Kit
Post by: Aron_W on April 11, 2020, 06:42:33 pm
Hey thanks for the suggestion but that didn't work. I created a new project, load any of the vintage kits and boom all the fx and mixer setting are there.
I need to just load the kit without any settings except mapping and velocity.
Title: Re: Zero / Reset Kit
Post by: Aron_W on April 11, 2020, 06:51:48 pm
Feel like I'm really missing something here ...  like is it just impossible to load a full kit?? If I want to start with no fx do I really have to load individual sounds on instrument page? Using that drop down menu as well?? Where is the option to trigger a midi key then have the sound load onto the key/pad you've triggered?
If this is the only way it's probably easier to go through each kit and spend 20 minutes zero-ing it all yourself. I found the manual doesn't exactly go into much detail about anything.
Title: Re: Zero / Reset Kit
Post by: LBH on April 11, 2020, 08:15:15 pm
So you do wan't to use the excisting Kits. But the idea of the Kits is it's designed Kits. Kits can use the same base sounds, where the difference perhaps only is in the use of effects.
You can design Kits your self, that does'nt have any effects added. But apparantly you don't wan't to use the time to do this.

If a drum sound is a sample and the sample include sampled effects, then you can't remove those effects.

But in the Mixer you can remove the master effects quite fast. Many Kit's Reverb come from here. So it would take a couple of seconds to remove that reverb.
If an effect is added to a single sound, then you need to edit that sound separately in the Mixer or Studio section. You apparantly don't wan't to use the time for this either. I can't see it should take more than a minute to remove all effects in the Mixer view though.

When a drum sound is a sample, then you can load any dry sample directly into a layer in the sampler in Studio view.
Keep in mind, that sounds also can be made is the Modular module, so it does'nt have to have any samples in it.

The instrument you edit will allways be the one you have selected. So if you press a pad or the instruments in the sides of the studio view, then you work on the sound for that pad. (Keep in mind, that if you load a sound in the side drop down menus or use the Library Instruments, then they will have effects added, if it have any effects.). Only in the sample in the center will load dry samples. But it will have the effects that's allready excist, unless they effects are not removed for the pad. And again keep in mind that you also can create sounds without samples in the Modular.